Liquidity of Memories

Vintage Words


Those are the currents

that carried us along,

chosen by or for us, in a

one course or other matter.


We flowed into our

future and paused,

periodically gazed into

the past, nodded approval,

and floated along.


Eventually understanding

joined us and we knew more

than before, confluenced

with time's relentless tug,

astonished we also knew

why such waters whirled. 








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a.griffiths57's picture

The liquidity of Memory

Yes flowing waves of time, as present miggles to become tempered with experience and a maturing knowledge manifests itself.  Know what you mean, how well you describe this allets, well done, I am so taken in and found wondering on your word.

allets's picture

Wonder Inspiring

Thank you. Time, love walking around in the concepts and with a dash of wisdom and a bit of mirth, it goes a long way. Thanks for the read and the understanding - to be heard is nice. Best wishes for the New Year - allets -