How It Turned Out

Vintage Words


You stand there, mouth open,

regret for the end game that just

played out. So many plans, every turn

and twist calculated with safeguards,

went wrong. Guarantors sued

not to pay for the misuse of private

materials, the rogue disease

of perfidy and cataclysm united

to make all systems fail.


A great explosion heard world-wide

turned the blue sky purple. Bird flocks

nearby fell dead to earth, worms

roasted from the heat. It can not

be what we set out to create. How

could such a promising and enormous

effort to re-freeze the Alps

and Himalayas go so terribly

and totally wrong.


Unpredictable, all this cancer in

the world, unanticipated, the death

of so many species. We have been here

before and did not learn from our

bad tendencies. We do not care about 

outcomes. We just like to tinker

with matter and hope for the best.








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