Vintage Words


Heavy snow comes and heat causes

snowthaw. Hands in gloves with holes

in the fingertips peck furiously on

keyboard and letters fall like salt

on frozen water until the re-write

creates absolutely new inawement



Then, it snows again and it will

thaw again around midday where

the remaking slices off sharp edges

for readability's sake. Words may

fall asleep until warmth returns.

A hybernation of hieroglyphics

happens and the deicing will be mad

as chaos. It is a rumor that warmth

will return, but such whispers have

merit because snowthaw is a recurring

theme that always returns home.


Snowfall comes back to do cold business,

hard and fast until inches rise to cover

everyone and every other thing. Rebellious,

the sun threatens heat through melting

clouds. It is that kind of sun. Such neatly

arranged letters arrive to meet blankets

of white pages covered in ice. The thaw

always happens. We are dependent upon








Author's Notes/Comments: 

for word-man 12-27-16 :D 

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