Wading through numbers

is not a good activity

for the numerically challenged,

but I went anyway. Hoping



Seems we are 308,734,538

strong in the U.S. Acumen,

I possess enough to know

a lot of folks did not fill

out a census form. Couldn't

afford the stamp.


2010 was two years

after the world economic

system almost collaped.

The U.S. is fining world

banks after having smacked

the wrists of U.S. financial

institutions. A billion here,

a billion over there. This

is how dollars are recalled.


Anyhow, there are 308 million

of us and we are feisty as ever

wanting our share of the world

markets, by hook, crook,

or fair market value. We are not

going away anytime soon, Russia.

China beware, check out our

GDP dudes.


Infrastructure for the 308 mil

will put a damper on world liquidity

and wars will collapse with less

financing. Threats are what

bullies try and get penalized

for enormously later. There are all

kinds of walls possible without using

brick and mortar. Blockades,

economic censure, asset freezing.

What we have to remember is that

we have missile systems for sale. Death

deliverly systems will go to allies

and the highest bidder we like

this year. It is called world dominion.

After all, we are capitalists.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Two more shopping days until Christmas. Buy everyone the same thing, it's easier. :D ~allets~

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