One Foot In The Grave

Vintage Words


A few parting words as the other foot

inches toward the edge of my internment.

Mostly, it was hilarious - culminating

with a racist President. You have

got to see the humor in my perspective.


We needed another Thurgood and got

boyfriend. We lost John, Malcolm, King,

Bobby, and Marvin Gaye to bullets.

You gotta laugh in and at life's stories 

or you will lose reason. Occasionally,

I have lost reason and know where in which

I utter these sentiments.


I am a Democrat, black, and I vote,

a poet, a gardener, and mother of one

now gone, grandmother of one and daily

feel physical systems faulter slowly.

The latter being the biggest joke of all.

Ludicrous it is to learn that life

is not a rap artist.







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