Vintage Words


As a starry eyed kid

I was conditioned to

believe in Neverland.

And so, pirates have

had special value

ever since the movie

every year for years.

Particularly fond now

of the Carribean



Pan and Hook

and the lost boys

the racially bigoted

perpective of the first

nation, I ate it all

and downed it with

Neverland juice.


A movie with few

women or girls in it,

I liked Tinker Bell

the best. I clapped

and so did you.

Fairy dust would be

insensitive now,

not politically

correct. Still, back

in the day, you could



Today's kids

would be bored. Not

enough FX. I

never got all

the way through

the remake.






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Confession I really never

Confession I really never liked Pan, I liked the idea but not him. I did however want to dress as a fox and run through the woods. Laughing

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It Was A Musical

The songs were magical in the ears of a six year old - I'm fliiiiiiiiii ---iiiiinnnnng! Talk about big kid: just finished the snowman family on the lawn. It was good packing. Hats and scarves and giant checkers for buttons eyes and smile. Twigs for arms and I'm a kid again! Happy Holidays. Make some Christmas! - allets -