What Is This?

Vintage Words


Calm is the outlook no great

upheavals, no mood swinging

chariot low or flown high like

Jimi Hendrix on a good day.


I do not recognize myself inside

all this rational behavior in an

emotionscape that seeks eveness

and bumpless hikes. Ah, mirror.

Who is that?


Who is this cooled out woman? She 

sees the world with eyes no one

else owns. When the roll is called

and yonder is the place, and up

is the direction, I will try to be

there, but I probably will not

recognize myself.







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tallsquirrelgirl's picture

"I don't recognize myself

"I don't recognize myself inside all this rational behavior," "eyes no one else owns"...so many great lines in this! If you are anything you are a writer. (is it weird to quote yourself? too easy.)

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

allets's picture

It Is Weird

Affirmative. Absolutely weird to quote yourself, so I do it all the time. All poets are liars... Fuck the dumb shit --not mine, but I claim it as mine from anonymous . (We make it up an put it out as truth, shamelessly). It is a life's work! ~(:D)-




humanpulse's picture


This is just right... right ... right!

Right words. This is what I meant.

so right .. so balanced

well written.

I just like that.

I swear (do I have to swear)

I Like it.

well written dear

allets's picture

Dear "do I have to swear"



I Swear


For cause or none

to push a point

to tell and be


to curse the one

who does me

ill, or simply

put my hand

on a holy text

and testify my

lyin' ass off.