Larsen C Ice Berg

Vintage Words


About the size of Delaware,

does anyone know the size

of Delaware? Larsen A & B

fell into the sea to melt &

Larsen C's fate is to follow.


The frozen tundra is boggy

the definition of warm is foggy

and I still don't know the size

of Delaware.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Delaware: 1,954 square feet, and iceshelfs that large fall into the sea all the time. slc

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thank you for this

i'm glad to see someone besides me cares :)


also, i know nothing about delaware.  at all.  i guess i'm east coast illiterate....

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2nd Generation Laplanders

looking for work in the cities, the ice is bog. I care for future generations, I won't be alive to see New York and Miami as underwater parks, but they will. In the news, a Vortex about to descend on the northern part of the U.S. freezing temps to below zero. Who said The Day After Tomorrow was a just movie?



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Driving through Delaware is

Driving through Delaware is like the taste of unflavored Ramen, meh.

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May Be, But

it's about 12 miles wide so, short trip. Kinda like going through a wormhole. Fast! - ha! :D


p.s. Sincere apologies to any poets from Delaware.