Vintage Words

Again, the day was molten sun.

Leaves celebrated the color green

until the wind said no. Heat

faded. Underfoot, nature

became brittle enough to crumple

like a piece of dried paper.


Squirrels were curious. Birds began

to flock as a sign. Whenever water

freezes, mist becomes snow cover.

Winter is a crisp entity and ices

over sidewalks.


Icicles fall and shatter. Trees

are glazed after freezing rain. Ferns

are unable to break ground. Skin

tells you thaw means more muddy



Sol takes the stage for the warm-up. 

Clouds preen lazily, indifferntly. Earth

exhales relinquishing the belief

in the existence of climate.

Zephyrs recede saying yes. Every

twelve months the rewrite

gets better.






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