I Fain Wouldst Ask Thee Thy Name

I Fain Wouldst Ask Thee Thy Name


I fain wouldst ask thee thy name thrice

and throw cockled shells into the sea

dere cuckold. Thy wife is there

beyond impregnable tower

waiting for her knight to bring

home honestie and assured

fidelite, owning none hirself.


Fie, brave crusader, bedight

in armor gleamed, thine helm

unpierced, bring what is left

of thine honoure to thy kith

and kin and nere tell of thy

deere iniquities lest thou

lose that to which thou

art avowed and








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kept the Old English - it is pretty - slc

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bishu's picture

The letters look lovely

The letters look lovely & arranged like the bow of a ship.......



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Old English Script (type face)

I've always had a fondness for it.