Rant #2

Vintage Words


That overly full place

that is sunless is where

you may stick it, life.


I had promise, I had

talent and enormous desire

to learn you and you

decided without fanfare,



So, life, go. Put pants on

and get in the wind. I know

you now, and despite

harsh insolence, cold hate,

and dense impurity, I won

though you sat like a cat

on the stoop, squealing

for absolute darkness from icy

cold shadows.


Interestingly, I conquered you

in spite of every malignant woe 

you sent me and I have come to

tell you, retrospectively, that

conquering you, avoiding

your abysses and cataclysms,

was mostly humorous and a lot

of fun. The joke is that,

in summary near the end,

without remorse or fear,

I defeated you.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take that life! To rant is a PostPoem tradition.  ~(:D)-   

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