Candy Wrapper

Vintage Words


Historically renowned, the candy

wrapper began as leaves for succulents

for cave dwellers, probably some bugs

and a bit of honey added for spice.


Progressively, such bindings developed

fuctionaly as a peservation and freshness

containment system.


Enter chocolater. Emerged  from the jungles,

like coffee and orchids, it was soon

the trend to add milk and sugar to wrap

it up inside paper or tin foil.


Then women were liberated, most of them, 

the candy wrapper took on another handle, 

like wrappings during playoff games or

wraps worn during the Super Bowl. We

coded them uniforms with muscular bodies

inside them.


Tight fit, holding in all kinds of delectible

favorites glistening under artificial lights,

bulging against fake grass, and bright painted

lines, opposite a scrimmage line also

wrapped in a uniform delightfull as

a candy wrapper.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not often. Just this once :D

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