Jessie Jackson, Jr.

Black Poetry


Talk about calling a spade.

High profile humans know

better than to take campaign

funds to purchase memorabelia

and go on shopping sprees 

in Beverly Hills.


Did someone say, "Hey, take

all you want from the kitty,

dude." No one will pull your coat

on it or your wife's especially

the false tax statement part

because you special and way too

untouchable. No one said that.


At what point does the justice

system treat delinquent and unethical

representatives from Illinois

the same as other citizens? If I

had been elected, stole from my

contributors, and bought my husband

a candy bar with it, I'd never see

light of day again until I was

blind and senile.


Out of jail already eh? On parole

with community service and an order

to pay back the money. You got off

easy. You and the too big to fail








Author's Notes/Comments: 

375 million worth of contributions paid for all kinds of kid-like crap. I have to shake my head on that one. The necessary work that could have been done as charitable. - slc


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if you ask me ,most all these

if you ask me ,most all these fools need to be locked up !

they all scratch each others backs

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Shameful Behavior

No one died and the reputation as untrustworthy will bar him from politics probably - time to try to grow a business.