Mixed Messages

A New View


Life is short

and then you

have to tie your

shoes. I've tried

and failed

and still I lose.


It's so confusing

all the rules, I

wish I was better

at tying shoes.


I need shoelace thereapy

feeling sad and numb.

Shoelace tying

is just plain dumb.


Try this, knot that

it is easy you say, 

but my eyes and hands 

will not move that way.


I hope so many

mixed messages go limp

and untangle so I

may make my shoelaces

evenly dangle.







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Blackwingedbird's picture

I cheated a little at this ,I

I cheated a little at this ,I put wire type trash-bag ties inside the laces so they could hold the loop a lttle better.lol

allets's picture

Tuck & Go

When no one was around to help, I tucked them down both side and was off! Trash-bag ties - creative!