Were Santa's Reindeer Female?


Are Santa's reindeer really

male? If so, why is one

of them named Vixen?


And when Santa stops

on the proverbial rooftop

does he yell, "Woe guys!"

or does he exclaim,

"Down Dear!"


I have to admit that

Blitzen is a pretty harsh

handle for a girl, and

Cupid was a God's son,

and, if history teaches us

anything worth remembering,

most fairy tales were written

by men and a revision

would require renaming them

raindoes and that would

just be wrong.







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lol, i have to agree

lol, i have to agree

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Just Foolin' Around Durin' The Season

I'm in deer mode - allets (Thanks for the read)



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it was the night before christmas   and all through the house

i couldn`t hear a thing    not even a mouse

then all a sudden i heard a noise up on the roof

it must have been a reindeer hoof

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It was the night before Christmas

It was the night before

Christmas and all through

the crib nothing was under

the tree; not even a rib.


Then,damn! What's all that

racket up on the ceilin'?

I'm getting that get my

gun creepy somebody

breakin' in feelin'.


But no, it's just Santa

and eight deer tryin'

to crash in. (I forget

at least one raindog 

whenever I list 'em).


Red is not a good color

for a phat white saint. Tight

fit down my furnace pipes.

I betcha he cain't.


:D Merry Christmas! ~ Stella





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made me smile !

made me smile !

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Made Me Rethink Ebonics

Each generation brings forward creatively their own language to confound adults I suppose or as a protest against, well, everything. I shall consult urban dictionary to update, I'm still in an Ebonically challenged 60's. Glad I made ja smile. - Stella -