Vintage Words


Odd, but It is uncanny

how close to your

life an astral chart comes

to mapping personality

traits and disposition,

motivations and faith bases.


Odd, but recently, a tarot

reading hit me like I was being

read pages from the Pisces

autobiography. Tarot research

revealed long passages of

mind-games as science, or magic,

or the mythological.


Odd, but like Sunday School,

you are already prepped to accept

the miracles at face value; nothing

between the verses, just space for

believing. This fills a void in the

mind and keeps it sane, such magic.


So very odd, but the psychology

is simple and explanation

unnecessary because we tend

to be entertained totally about

the nature of ourselves, our

personal ego-portrait.


Odd, but humans have occult

receptors set to absorb the mystical.

It is a part of us, like breathing

and talking, and thinking, and loving

and needing, and hating, and intuiting

and exhaling. Most of what is heard

meets a mind poised to believe. That

alone is uncanny; a bit frightening that

such belief  postures are humanly



Odder still, it is patently unnerving,

the accuracy; whether pre-supposed,

prepped in predisposed prediliction,

or positioned inside universal intent;

it was a near thing. Very near

and uncannily odd.







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