Let Anger Ring


A great way to greet people

with a tone that says I detest

you and everything else.


A matter of evolutionary

emotional states that level

at anger as the best voice.


The reality is a mote dancing

inside the mind, underneath

a comforter called obsession.


Acid anger eats every sinew,

every crevice, every joint. Peace

inside instead is anti-acid

for anger.


Be a sponge, ring anger out

and take in calm to share








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I worked in mental health for six years. Anger is the number one symptom of a challenged mind. Buried it eats away the personality, expressed it is loud, relentless, and domineering. For most, not all, but most, easing or enveloping anger is a start to knitting the mind into wholeness.  - slc


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