Old Ghost Reunion


Oh no, not you again!

Thought I got rid of you

like last week's dish water

but no, you back, reeking

and trying to scare



So, what's up with you?

Old and crusted over as if

a gate rusted, then the rust

rusted. Where did I put

my sander and metal



Old ghosts are full of air

and only cause heartache

for a few minutes, then

reality kicks in and you think

if it wasn't for you there then

I would not be me here














Author's Notes/Comments: 

after Daniel-59

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Incompl's picture

Then the rust rusted

Some slam poetry indeed and I enjoyed it very much. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

Let your teeth show

allets's picture

Thanks Imcompl

Blessings of the season be upon you and all you love. Happy Thanksgiving!

- allets -



bishu's picture

Just to let you know

that I'm alive & reading your posts on PP.....



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So Glad To Have You Visit

Confirming that you are alive. I have been on fire lately, and now that my desktop is net worthy, I am about to upload my autobiography and start working on that. I lost a lot of it when the old computer went bloooooopppp, so I have to pick up the old version and revise the style. I like the voice I use in some of the prose I post on postpoems, so it will be interesting. Off to 365 day challenge. At 115a. :D  Lady A