Vintage Words


No one could have said anything

as the clouds parted and glowed

and like heaven descending

the new world order was arrival

in the middle of my street.


Hovering, as if waiting,

events moved quickly, like

a fast tire through a mud puddle.

It was exactly six o'clock p.m.

when the orb settled

to the concrete. We wondered

where the clouds went? Cars spit

out passengers like a row

of mad gumball machines.

They milled around, aghast

at the great bulb blocking

their routes home.


Speculation crescendoed

into noisy agreement that a drone

was responsible for the trick

and anger was the best way

to deal with this inconvenience.

Fists were made for such



Suddenly, a crack spit out blue

light and humans near blindlingly

saw an inched pattern become a

portal with an eye piercing, shimmering

and glistening ramp melting down

like water and solidifying

like the purest blue ice. It was

a Tom Cruise moment when

creatures from beyond Sol

dropped from the too brilliant



Not what anyone expected

as sirens announced official

peace keepers come to investigate

what had been reported

as an extraterestrial event. Guns

holstered, police came forward

to protect and serve.


It was all anti-climaxtical.

It was no hoax. They put us

here a long time ago, and we

learned as first witnesses

that they were just back

for a visit and looked just

like us. That, or they were here

to conquer us and had a means

to mass hypnotize us into

believing they were friendlies.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write sci-fi fantasy. An old tale with a twist. It's us. :D

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