Global Warming


Either you believe

or you don't, but when

the waters start to rise

remember this moment.


Denial is a favorite

past time for millions

who refuse to look up

from their daily

survival. When there

is no clean air or water,

no land to stand upon

well, maybe then.


Our descendents will judge

the ignorance of their

foredames and sires for

leaving them a world less

green. The skies may lose

blueness and the earth

may tremble more. They

will blame us for that



There is hope of heaven

so there is that. As the

trees die and the animals

rush for new habitats and

the bees fail to fertilize

crops for millions, we sit

here now and think, someone

else has to solve the big

ones for me beccause I am

so depressed.


Baby, you aint seen depression

yet. All you can say is, if

you knew now what you suspect

you will know then, well,

there probably will have been

very little you could have done

to stop it anyway. You know,

being very depressed and all.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Get up off your couch and make the world better. I'm working on it. :D

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