Clarity As A Thing

Vintage Words


I can see more clearly when the moon shines, sun is glare and tends to obscure the sharp edges of everything. Moths know about moon glow. I am a bat moving in echo created by my wings, another kind of clarity. Understanding is less a matter of seeing more, perception is about sitting inside the thing observed and being understanding as a thing.


To see, truly enter a color and look about; letting the tones and textures sink in like the skin of the mind is a sponge absorbing clarity. Use other eyes to see the borders around you at waking and walking and sigh at the corners of clarity. Other voyeurs encountered require other ways to sense otherness. Depth is the intersection from which to choose a crystal pure view.








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Wowww! We all see better in

Wowww! We all see better in moonlight. I wish I could walk inside a color now.

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

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assuredly a thing to be desired. Moonlight adds a dose of magic. We need clarity and magic now, more than ever as ice melts and glaciers fall into the ocean. Reading my older work, eh? Thanks, that is a compliment of the highest ilk. :D - allets -