Vintage Words


Peter Blatty had it right;

summon a priest. Not

just any priest, the one

who has experience

and knows the other worldly

landscape and its denizens.


Don't settle for less.

Embrace the ability of a man

to call forth the bad guys.

out the bad guys or bad gals.

Isn't it odd how most

of the priests and devils

are always male? Female

priests and female devils

never appear in these



Anyway, the bad dudes

have to go and exorcism

is the ticket.


Light a candle, break out

a rosary, read a few select

passages over the victim from

the exorcism manual

and, voila! No more



It is important, however,

to remember that once

a haint or hell fiend

is liberated, it may or may

not go back to hell. That

is a problem for those who

belive in such things as

they may be next.







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