Vintage Words


An artist only culture full of

nomadic singularities in a commune or

on the road, exiled thirty centuries

ago from Egypt, the lost tribe descended

from prophets and folklore.


Self-sustained, tightly run like

a small nation, insular and mysterious

or so the legends lie. Movies have

done the gypsy sigil ill as fortune

telling baby thieves who know expertly

about wolf bane and the affectations

of moonlight on the bitten.


Vikings had a similar reputation until

recently. A gypsy hero with human blood

in jeans and a tee without the romanticized

magical gifts of clairvoyance might

be a good written script if there is an

inclusionary multi-cultural modern place

to start.


No violins are madatory, no wagons, no

campfires. Dancing and music optional, but

only if creatively done and the script

is appropriately accurate historically.







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