It is the year of our Lord 2528, computers

are banned, there are no satellite feeds, tv

is in  the history books. Central air and

heating is legendary bording on mythical.

Plastic was collected from the seas and every

inch of Earth ground and dumped into the sun.

Nuclear power plants are still cooling.


I sit at my desk sharpening my quill

glad to have a good supply of ink. And

books. We walk everywhere  cars, planes,

trains are ancient devices. Oil wells

are replaced with family windmills

that supply water only. Electricity

is passé replaced by muscle and hand



My quill is slow, pollutionless which

cleanses and captures the world on

parchment in place of poisoning

paper. It took catastrophe. Chicago

and New York are gone, Texas and most

of the west is desert. My quill recorded

the fall of a foolish civilization.

A quill based economy is better

and will allow the earth to heal.







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tallsquirrelgirl's picture

"my quill recorded the fall

"my quill recorded the fall of a foolish civilization"...WOW rings with so much truth. humanity does kind of suck despite our beauty :) press on with the 365...more willpower than me, I'm only doing 200 haha

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

allets's picture

I Am Stuck

"I'm Drunk" is next. In search of a metaphor. Only doing 200 - Roflmao. That is a hoot! ONLY 200. U Rock! ~A~