Nursery Rhymes


We must face it, cows do not jump 

over moons. Why do we tell kids

lies like the little dog laughed? Dogs

do not laugh and to be more clear, they

do not play poker.


Health departments would have kittens

if a lamb followed Maria or Penelope,

Kenyatta or Mishah to school on any



The lie list is long but how did the mice

get blind and try explaining to a five

year old what a crooked six pence








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Aww, don't spoil it for me

Aww, don't spoil it for me ;-) what fun, magic and imagination we would miss out on if there were no nursery rhymes though, a little bent truth can't be all bad.

Really enjoyed your pop at poets, good fun. Sue. :-)

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Just Making The Obscure

Cloudier. I have a head full of rhymes that were fun to say often. Learning to read and speak was a part of the word plays. Stimulating the imagination. They are me. Glad u stopped by ~A~





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Alice through the Looking Glass

Saw & enjoyed the movie Alice through the Looking Glass & this piece of yours is more down to earth Cool Best wishes Lady Allets 



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Hey Bish!

THANKS FOR THE READ. Leaving earth soon. U No Me... slc