Ode To My Teeth


My root canal

is dedicated to 1000 

candy bars 

and a truckload

of suckers, caramels,

Easter bunnies,

Christmas elves,

Halloween tricks,

Valentine's Day, pop,

taffy, Birthdays,

cupcakes, carnivals,

beet and cane sugar.


No ode to my teeth

can be complete

without honorable

mention to toothpaste.

Three times a day,

meant dumping

about half an ounce

of sugar wedged

between each tooth

for around let's say

sixty years when

a small dab was enough

twice a day.


My teeth and several

hundred dental visits

are a testament to

carbohydrates that 

break down into simple



Implants, caps, and dentures

are not real teeth, yet, owning

one, I live in dread that one

day I will own the others.








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This was adorable

So so nice to read



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I am just tickled. See you on that  illusiveislein2020... ~Allets~