Vintage Words


You can roll 'em in the alley,

or shake 'em up in Vegas.

If your green is down, you

gotta roll the bones. Ivory

or plastic, don't make

no never mind. Luck comes,

luck goes. Roll the



Don't need no seven.

don't need Yo-leven. Lucky

is my lad, some say

Luck is a lady. No matter

tonight. It's alright.

Just roll the bones!






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This one is for Dick Jones. ~Stella~



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. I don't know why, it made me think this

I once was seven

then was eleven

now these days

I think I am 3

maybe it's four

but I'm not sure

cuz I already 

lost that mystery key

Copyright © morningglory

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A Throw Of The Die

Some never get

their first breath

as years fly some

fall way too soon

older siblings

outliving younger

no way to know

96 goes to heavy

drinkers and smokers.

28 years only

for the healthy of hygiene

and habit.

It is the card dealt

the die tossed.