Blink Blink


You were  

a wind blown 

dust mote

pushed my way

on a beautiful

breeze that

turned my

head and made

me blink.









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djtj's picture

Like it

I like that it could be a good mote or bad mote that made you blimk.  Mote sounds sinister or not.  Love it

allets's picture


at the edges, a peppering of sinister as the unknown. A full attention blink, cuz he was sooooooo attention worthy :D. ~A~




Incompl's picture

Turned my head!

Turned my head!

Let your teeth show

allets's picture


as a poetic image had so many options. This was a things that make me blink write. Thanks for the comment and visit. ~A~



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Beautiful and different! 

allets's picture


your visits. Good to see you. Different, yeah, to turn the page, to touch the glow from a star, to cut tether and float~like that. 

Lady A