Short Biography

Vintage Words


At five running fast or

learning the alphabet's words

filled my days as did television

in black and white, dancing,

playing marbles, and drawing

hopskotches on sidewalks.


At ten I discovered boys

were different. Real different.

Fashion was a mission, hair

had to be straightened weekly

with a hot comb, and curling

irons. Wire curlers and

spoolies were necessities.


Eighteen through fifty was

color video, computers, and

mate search dominated. Got

the fro in 1967. 1968 was my

favorite year for growing a

sense of the political. I

collected records, then tapes,

then cd's. Mates were for

divorces and history was

unveiled biased or non-existent.

Reading became synonymous with

breathing. Enter Youtube.

Older age unloosed sad nutrition

and bad eating habits corrected

except in emotionally horrendous

moments when only sugar, whisky, or

carbohydrates maintained sanity.

Teeth and organ hits verified

a life long addiction to chocolate

bars with almonds.


One toe in the grave, I am now

especially glad there were books

aplenty, that males are beautiful,

and that I lived in the time of

movies and indoor plumbing.







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