Vintage Words


Interested minds want to see what

is or is not there. Vivid imagining

with help  may create so that magic

can grow skin and touch ability.


It is said that LSD is an

hallucinogen, a trip to a world

no one else sees. Brain impaired,

emotionally uneven visions grow

like weeds overwhelming a neat

lawn, redefining the actual vistas

of totality landscapes.


Dreams might be hallucinations of a

sort. Delusions are as dreamy as any

respectable drug indused specter.

Fantasies meet the criteria. Imagination

games with the best gamers.


Machinations give new vigor to the

denotation of the unseen, to an

indiscretionary view, and indelibly

to the science in now you can see it,

but no one else can.








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