I once wished for the usual;

longevity, a mate, kids. Later,

I wished for fame, lots of cash,

and clothes.


Now I wish for longevity

because mates leave or die,

kids grow up and want to live

at home, wealth breeds

begging vultures, and fame

is a curse.


I wish to live to be 100 so

that I can continue smirking

at those who think they have









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is vanity and striving after the wind

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would have been a great word for the poem a day challenge on pp. 





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It would

but I'm new and didn't know about the challenge


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See Message Board

Under Conversation Kiosk. fyi ~A~




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Our wishes do not end up in reality and what is good for life, if not, we will all sick of life. Each time has his wishes. Happy day stella

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Time's Wish

Father Time hovers 

in the hallway's fading

evening light considering 

temporal mechanisms

invented to keep track

of his handiwork.


If I had my druthers,

he calculates, the abacus

would stage a come

back, hour glasses

as the long and short

matter, would once more

become a household must,

and all backyards

would host a sundial.


But he is not time-aligned

with evolving homo sapiens,

toe tapping broken rhythm,

perpetually contemplating 

too long forever minutes,

scythe blade gleaming light

always flashing out of sync

with the actual human hour,

Papa Time coughs up infinity

spitting up spirals of now

and then.


Women, children, and men

sidle past Daddy Time

without begging pardon

eyeing his cutlery with disdain

commenting smugly,

"Cool blade!"


Stella Crews