Freedom Walking

Vintage Words


Walk ten days from Syria to a closed border

leading to Germany, a route for mass exodus,

to a closed down train trip. Encounter instead

razor wired borders, actual walls thirteen 

feet high.


Walk a hundred days to reach Mexico and find

guns pointed at your only route in. Go back 

to die or take the risk that the usa soldier

will not shoot. The first lesson of citizenship;

start at the bottom. Attitudes will never be

in your generation's favor. This price you must

decide to pay.


Now, imagine sea transport arriving to take you

back to a one time home. Trucks and buses fill

with you and your fellow refugees who remember

how the boat here was overcrowded, flounderd,

sank, and the rescue left the numbers reduced.

Lesson learned: It is not easy being extra

and treated like humanitarian waste.






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