Ideas have weight like gold

or platinum on a scale.

Writing that which voices

ideas rest in a balance as if

it is Justice, blindfolded 

and concerned with equilibrium.


Reading aloud a passage sings

of the best letters beginning or

ending a line. The voice rises. 

The voice falls. 


Sing until sound merges with

vowels wedded to the melodious

or any soft crisp mood. Unity

is like balance; when discovered

by skill or chance, it just works.






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Yes your poem written here is

Yes your poem written here is so balanced it truly works and realy impresses. I think you have a natural instinct for these thoughts, poinions and observations. Truly great poetry enjoyed very much.

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Thank You


I try to be humble about my writing, but today? THANKS, I NEEDED THAT! It's a life-work. Bless you a.griffiths57. ~A~