Too Extreme

Vintage Words


Stubbornness explains the coldness,

lack of sensitivity, and that hateful

logical reasonableness of sound
treatment. They know that hate is why

we have so many wars. Like the rest

of us, they probably hate their jobs.

They are probably going through

the male version of middle human

transition. Or she is rebuilding

the empty nest with a mate she

has to spend more time with. Ungrateful

child syndrome goes viral and you

just hate and don't know why





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everybody wants to be number one. everyone wants to be right. everyone wants to be the hero, get the girl, conquer the world, and most importantly, have more. it is the human condition. we have to destroy and rebuild ourselves. the ungrateful children will continue to rule the world until we take responsibility.

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Millennial Fever

Will be something to see as values shift - the original long poem was titled "Forgiveness"