Black Poetry


It has come to thoughts

turned to action. Black lives

may matter, white lives may



I once heard a  black

woman say she was glad

some white boys had been shot.

I did not feel abhorred or shocked.

It was and still is a popular

sentiment backed by grief

and too much death and prison

time given to those we love. 


In the sixties, black boys died

daily uncelebrated. Black men

were targeted and still are.

This is what happens during

race wars. There are no winners,

only small celebrations 

in the thinking of near kin

and those who know little else

than no justice.


No protection under law. No 

one utters it out loud

to strangers. Choose any 

perspective unvoiced

or unrepeated: One less white

pit bull, one less black animal.


And then we pray God

cleanse us of such awful

ideas, forgiving the

unforgivable. Guns

are not the only problem.

Vengeance is still a dangerous

ally to hatred.


What I want to know

is where on this earth did all

the bless-ed peacemakers go?







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Morningglory's picture

The peacemakers are still out

The peacemakers are still out here. Unfortunately, media doesn't often cover their heroism. 'Merica Likes to show violence. Fear keep the masses under control.

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I Fear

Masses out of control. Uncelebrated heroes do not sell newspapers and magazines. The peace making is allocated to law enforcement. Change is slow but it is happening. Time to dust off a million plus peacemaking roles in the leadership, policing entities, and at home. In Michigan anyone can carry a registered gun in a holster. The law is against concealed weapons. Wild wild Midwest! ~A~