It Rained Yesterday

Vintage Words


It began as a light mist,

at first believed to be

imagined. Yet, the clouds

had arrived and I danced

whirlng in celebration. No

more yellow grass, happy

flowers, lower water bill.

Then, it stopped.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Celebrate the rain, may it never be too much or too little - slc

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Storm outside my window,

Storm outside my window, blowing.

Torrential, monsoon, downpours, sideways.

Thunder, lightening.

The sky cries tonight.

Toad's delight.

Copyright © morningglory

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You Are Fortunate

Friday Monsoon

would make me snicker

that the weatherpersons

finally got it right.


(The hose and sprinkler systems

are ready!)




bishu's picture

Nice one

Made me feel a shade cooler in Kolkata‘s pressure cooked



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In The Shower

I remember the 

sound of rain.

Yes, it has been that long.

The grass may die from shock.


Always be cool , manfromkolkata,




Sassylass's picture

I wish

for rain!

i loved this!

i felt this.

aloha, Koko

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Long Dry Spell

hopefully Friday, until then, flowers get hosed down. Grass comes back. Tough little blades, grass. The adage, when it rains...would be nice about now.   Aloha :D