June Bugs

Vintage Words


When Spring's weather gauge swings to summer sweat,

all ilk of critters show up. Bumble bees and black ants,

nits and moths, robins, and gulls are welcome. Pigeons

and peregrines, great to see you and the Canada Geese..


It waddled around the corner of the house, mottled white,

the size of an October hog. Prehistoric came to mind

as it went from hedge to hedge, all two hundred marsupial

pounds, to find the chain link gap and continue its morning 



Too big to be a mole, to small to be a goat, naked and furless,

that was no dog or wolf. Wolves don't waddle or have long

pink pigtails. All my imaginaction could create is that

somebody's exotic pet got  loose or, grown too big, they

released it into the subdivided wilds. Whatever it is,

I am giving it the nickname, June Bug.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will try to get a pic to send to the Grosse Pointe News. This thing is huge. (Not seen in 2017 or 2018)

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