Hard Times On The Horizon

Vintage Words


Thick, thin, the cupboards 

lean, the mortgage due. We

feel acutely the worry caused

by boom bust cycles every

ten years or twenty years.


We are blessed with charitable

intent and so the baby will have

milk. The car will be out of gas

and the water bill unpaid for a



It is time to stockpile candles.

like school kids in poor countries

waiting for books and paper,

unshakable with hope dolid as

trust against the value of belief.


We will be glad that no bombs

are falling on us. Not yet. We

are safe and need not leave

our towns or cities in search of

bluer skies.


So long as the banks are sound and

the dollar fighting to become strong

again, Liberty will still embrace

the tired and refused, the oppressed,

and the weak.


No one out will invade, no threat

will be a threat for long. We

are strong, full of righteous values

to remake the cities and the farms

no matter the challenge, no matter

the pain. 


Feedom to work will return 

when contracts are renegotiated.

Sweat will accompany the rolled up

sleeve, living will get easier, and

on the horizon, a glow of a better

morning that may blossome into

a better day.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what hope looks like. 

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