A Bundle of Love

A New View



Wrap it in a pretty ribbon

to disguise the blemished parts,

the little imperfections, the

unintended weed patch by

surrounding it with baby's

breath and rose petals.


At a distance, perfect. Slightly

frayed from untying and retying,

add more love, a sprig of joy,

an easily identified rose bud

or two, along with the recycled



The original bundle was fresh

with promises, alive and robust.

Now, years gone, decades done,

the ribbon faded and frayed,

it is time to rebind a few dead

stems that have wilted and

lost a leaf or two.







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expressuon of love & its dying

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Thank You

With longevity,  love fades to habit and familiarity; until death...or continues via momentum. Still, it can endure faithfully, just differently. Thanks 4 the comment. ~A~




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wise wise

lit happens within two weeks,three months,a year and more.

imperfect people

love has to be worked on to remain.



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Or Over Time

it devolves even though loyal and totally there, just a bit wilted with age  ~A~