Hell No!


He said it with

so much energy

there was no


he meant it.

"Hell no!"

The choir went

quiet, the preacher 

looked up. A great

P.R. guy for

heaven, the preacher

agreeing shouted,

Hell? Absolutely








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Bern and Hell

Just read this little anecdote. It pleased me no end. I lovewriting about Old nick, Beezelbub or the Devil. If I may say so I hope to see this idiot in his Hell. Best regards from Bern.


My Name.


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humor has serious overtones. Glad you browsed my way. ~A~



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Dig it Stella. Heavens ya!

Dig it Stella. Heavens ya!

Copyright © morningglory

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Heavens Yes


When I get there it will be like nothing a human can imagine. To see with the soul, to feel without senses. Hmmmmm...  ~A~



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made me smile

"what's with all this "hell" talk?

love yeah!

heaven yes!"

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Hell Talk?

If Hell could speak, what would it say? Glad to bring a bit of mirth and light in these dim times. ~A~