Self-Hatred Leads To It

Vintage Words


All those wasted lives

spent hating what is inside,

unable to renew the self;

reform it into positivity

never comprehended from

a mirror.


All those impure with angst

breaths never sending cool

kindness to the lungs, cowering

in the darkest concepts inside

the dimmest creases.


Love purged to see only hate

instead of eyes that could

have smiled in joy with mirth.

Celebration and dreams at action

would have been best instead of

frowns as an only response.








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 have always been dysmorphic...such a waste.

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Everyday Is Surprising

At great cost and often with great reward, I open up to strangers. Often, I am ignored, but a smile may make somebody's day. A joke, a spoof, a mild ribbing to tickle works occasionally. To try is its own reward. Frowns suck. ~A~


p.s. I had to look up dysmorphic. 



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I don't know whether to smile

I don't know whether to smile or frown. 

Self hatred is a tricky one. I've battled for so long. I know that there are many who can relate. For some, it leads to an end. For others further suffering as choices are made to feed the wolf. Many become sick or addicted. It's no easy task to stop listening to the shadow voice. But if you're creative, you can give it a voice. Scream it to the pages, laugh it to the wind. Bring a storm to knock it out. Cry to water the land. The release helps to bring the joy to surface. May we all find love within ourselves. Let the healing commence....

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so many poems of anguish or self loathing~~I offer an alternative. "When you smile..."