Horrid downspouts become

flooding rains cleansing 

dirt-layered streets churned

like dust by a busy May 

marketplace. Earthen roads

metamorphose into mud,

no longer baked and hard

packed beneath relentless  



Sheets of water, opaque

curtains of river replenishing

wet, uulates inside sea 

cloud born cyclonic pressures

seeking calm somewhere.


Surviving merciless wind

demons, pounding rain pellets

top off city-sized cups

of damp brew that must sweep

downslope in water clogged



Every day, round intrepid

indiscriminant raindrops 

engorge roof shingles,

erode brick wall mortar,

loosening cobbles in storm

powered summer showers.


Visits postponed watch

through blur-wash water colors,

appointments long awaited lay

canceled in drench-cover closed

datebooks impatient for an

eventuality of dry ringed out

cloud bursts.


Hot and dripping months 

turn into steamy mornings

as the summer sun strikes

a path toward noon. Everything

is wet. Everyone is wet. Sweat

encounters the sweated air

and oppressive heat rules

deep into sunset.








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I recently heard of the

I recently heard of the Sundarbans in eastern India on the radio, a place where man and wildlife live in close proximity and land fights a battle against water it cannot possibly win. There's a forest goddess there called Bonbibi that's revered by both Hindu's and Muslims and perhaps even some Christians and the locals say without humor if you're to see a tiger it will be as it attacks you. I hear of this place and it's people and it sounds like a scene out of a fairy tale to this American whose never left Oklahoma, and I'm reminded of how vast and varied this world of ours really is.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Not Far From Kolkata


Like the Nile, flooding leaves silt and mangroves grow there. Population pressure is diminishing habitat and plant species are vanishing. Sounds like South America's jungles and the expansion of the Sahara. 3016 is going to be an interesting world year. ~ Lady A ~



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Vivid description Respected Ms Stella !!!

Thankfully it rained for two days due to a cyclonic depression in the Bay of Bengal. Yesterday was cool. Sunday back to square one Frown



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On Sunday


and with

the sun



A two day


from Hell

and now




Stella Crews