Wash Day


My preferencewould be someone

was paid to sort and soak,

wash, rinse, spin, dry, fold,

and stack.


My best idea is to see dirty

laundry in the closet, in

chest drawers ironed

and neatly hung. Cleaned

is optional.


If fungeal toenails are of no

concern, wear each pair of socks

three days before washing them

and go sockless until they

are thoroughly clothesline dried.


Who am I kidding? This is not

a wonderful dream. The overflowing

basket is calling me names again

and I must answer because

it is Monday.






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bishu's picture

My loving fairies do my washing & cleaning

Out here we live like kings .. maids wash & clean dirty clothes and dishes



allets's picture

A Raise

Time for a bonus for the fairies. ;D