Time Warp

Vintage Words


Sometime slightly before long

ago but after sooner or later, I

walked the narrowing world

searching for remnants of right

here and over there.


Born, my search began, continuing

on a series of bad intentioned

forked road decisions, arrogantly

derived to ultimately end it all

in painless finality.


No choices, and bat cavern blind,

I plowed new ground; feet planted

like a firm decision wrongly

rooted in altruistic ideologies.

Backed by Faith, and stone-chipped

truth I grew bean stalk tall and twisted

Jack in a game of chance.


All I desperately need to figure

in is where and up what

stream I am fording, true

up my north, and erroneously

discover the answer to how right

I am now?







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love well exploited cliches. 


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