Aqua Blue Brick Wall

Vintage Words


Cousin of the great turquoise

wall, the aquamarine bricks

sweat sad memoirs of blitzkrieg.

The while, labor's meticulous

edifice of brick flash-pulverized 

was siren dust settled into 

deep and wide barricades. Watch

the trowel-mortar-wall crumble

with the stunned blood of explosions 

that awakens children. Heed the

crash heard by unsuspecting

builders of empire fallen



Now, neat artistically rendered

walls rise, from the descendant

skill of the miraculously blessed

who escaped harm's rage. Lagoon blue 

smoothes ripped and shredded gardens

of flesh and surviving sepia photography.

Here stands an aqua wall.


Summon in near pale blue

the pensive eye, hail the muraled

heart of not too long ago realities.

Kindred to sun graced sea green,

the evenly coated rectangular

gathering sings a brilliantly

orchestrated dirge.


The wall is standing proudly, covered

in pristine careful aqua blue; nothing

wanting within a history of a brick past

commemorated so well in flight jackets

or retaliation inside U-Boats of revenge

and survival.






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