Move Over

Vintage Words



I have not moved in years.

Thought of boxes and tape give

me the willies. Labels never seem

to equal what you are looking

for at the new address.


VCR cords, spoons,

books, pans, and stamps packed

so tightly it takes months

to find them.


Presently, my stuff

is where I can find it, most

of the time. Except

my phone.


Now, if I can keep track

of my Phone, that will be

a big move indeed! The ultimate

reason for continuing 

to live here.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

For timmymaines who is moving. Best wishes. 

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Leo87's picture

Very nice.. I'm not going far

Very nice.. I'm not going far found a little house down the street. It's small but this apartment is just not working out for me.

allets's picture

You have a new son?

Needs more running around space. You too! Try not to hate moving--embrace the horror!  


~(:D)    allets