Vintage Words


Senseless words written

or spoken, like Jabberwocky

or the Mad Hatter's Party dialogue.

Rot in England goes down well

with a dash of it, they tell



To make a perfect supply

if boulderdash, clip random

words from an eighty year

old magazine, throw in the air

and arrange the fallen words

in rows. Type it up as is. What

results will either be a great

poem or boulderdash. I always

get those two discombobulated.







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Good fun, made me smile, and

Good fun, made me smile, and I do love the word discombobulated.  Sue.


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Senseless words written

The pretty faraway King 

Under a barren tree does sing

Long-nosed minion stands tall

Pushed - winged king did fall

When he was cured of his aches

Sat down with a plate of tiny cakes

For ale he shouted himself hoarse

Who brought it the minion of course

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