Blue As Blue

Vintage Words


Is it me or are these states,

anxiety and bitterness, and hatred

everywhere? We walk around inside

these plights and feel them

swell. What to do? What

to do?


Anger is another state of note.

Times, personal and public, become 

too harsh. When we make war off

shore, the people here suffer.

What to do? What to do?


Courage and fortitude are required

to replace loss and  pain. The one absent

person, expectant thing, or totally

elusive idea that may never return.

Acceptance is an icy brew. What to do?

What to do?


Time is ally, the mind over used,

emotions spent. Ultimately, it comes

to strength to battle the causes of

dispair. Lost is no place to reside.

What to do? What to do?







Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a call to action. Ills exist because we let them. Fight hatred and war and killing and despair. Always! - slc


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sweetwater's picture

No truer words spoken, I too

No truer words spoken, I too have anxiety issues. Being creative and thinking deeply when composing one's next poem can be a curse in the ' real ' world. Sue.

allets's picture

Thanks sweetwater

It is how we get beyond our barriers that define us and make us successful humans. Your comment made me nod yes. ~ slc




Leo87's picture

Very nice work.. we are all

Very nice work.. we are all prisoners of our own thoughts. As someone who struggles with anxiety, which is over thinking things and thinking of the worst and letting that thought consume you until you can't breathe it's not fun.. sure it's a mental thing. My mom suffered as well. I remember as a kid telling her just to calm down its in your head relax. But funny now I see its not that easy. I know it's mental. But what can I do?


allets's picture

We Are Our Parents


There is no escape. I avoided a lot of traits but I fight off old folk's "tendencies" all the time. Sometimes I lose but I am super at forgiving my mistakes. I follow Nikki Giovanni's advice in her poem Ego-Tripping "...I so hip even my errors are correct . . ." Breath deeply 4 times and oxygenate the brain for calm. I wish you peace. - slc