Vintage Words

It is not enough to just say

or arrange ideas on a blank mind

or to search for profound ways

to impress a reader. Now is

the moment to live on the edge

of something; the world, your life,

somebody else's life.


Putting a pen to the heart is setting

afire every idea ever delivered 

on the blooded sheets of placentaed

history. What is chronicled sets 

young souls ablaze with the infinity

of potential; the uncontainable 

and unending means to ash the old

and let something new emerge.


Make something happen. Everything

is one. That is the definition of God 

and the definition of art. Nothing

is all bad or all right. Decide what

is worthy of investiture, then








Author's Notes/Comments: 

For SSmoothie who remindes me to make wise choices. - slc

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For SSmoothie


Fortunate SSmoothie - what an excellent write allets. Whatever angle we have on life and whatever, emotion rules us momentarily yes is God driven -our DNA has been programmed fromm the start to the finish generationally with gifts and skills and abilities, and we are fortunate He gave us free will to demonstrate this. Yes brilliant - and why foul up hey! Truly lovely and thought provoking write. Well don allets lucky SSmoothie.                         

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"SS Rocks!"

I can imagine that in delirium I will shout this as I die and no one will know what the fuck I'm saying or why. Like, "Rosebud."



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What a lovely share for Respected SS

Peepee needs You. Best wishes .
The bear flew over the ocean
It grew mighty feathery wings
SS thinks and writes deep saws
They cut thru mundane monotony
Sometimes readers fumble for rings
Which fall off trying to copy SS
Fingers wear off yet they fail
SS Sir/Madam your words are gale

A remembrance from RubbisherBishu

My best wishes go to you



allets's picture

You R 2 Sweet

Our SS is ours. S'a fact. would not b the same wirhout respected SS. Well said, non-rubbishBish.




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My favourite  line from

My favourite  line from allets who helps us see the stars shine but not without the dark:

".  Chose

and chose more; give, take, destroy,

make. Everything is one. That 

is the definition of God and the

definition of art." You've  penned again the soul of my art,  warmed with your lantern  of wisdom the core of my heart. Xo humbled much love and respect  sincerely  dear allts for your Stella r write hugSS SS xo

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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I am soooooo humbled and honored. Thank you for lettin' me b your friend again - as Sly would say.