Vintage Words


Dislike A Female Day.

answers Mother's Day

neat and simply. Extreme 

and ingrained hate

of women is an interesting

way of addressing a sad

childhood, but there it is!

When you fail at everything,

hating girls is the panacea;

the remedy for all such ills.

And they have breasts. Yuck!

Hate against a group, any

group, is said to be far

afield of normal attitudes

in most cultures. Supreme 

dislike of women historically

and currently apparently

is an old and new norm.

It is a power gambit. Oppressed,

there never would have been

an Eleanor of Aquitaine, a Joan

D'Arc, a Mother Teresa,

Thatcher, or Hilary.

Prejudice against "she" concepts

is passé. All men who disparage 

women, and women who despise

all women, please go to the back

of the bus, forthwith!







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